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Girl of the Day – Anne Hathaway

Anne is one of those amazing women who combine sexiness and cuteness all in one stunning package. She has some of cutest facial expressions of any female actress. The first time I saw her was in the trailer for the Princess Diaries…don’t even go there. Seeing this sexy chica up on the big screen was better then the movie I was there to see…I know this because I don’t remember what the movie was. I do however, remember Anne, and how can you not? So imagine my surprise when this very sexy but also very innocent looking gal was rumored to have some topless scenes in an upcoming movie. I picked up the movie Havoc to um…yeah, and I have to say I’m glad I did. Not only did I get to see Anne’s goodies in all of their glory but the movie was actually pretty good.


Girl of the Day – Jennifer Love Hewitt

So I’ve been crushing on JLH since she was on that show Party of Five….that I never watched…cause I didn’t. Anyway, there was always just something about her sexy body and innocent expressions that drove me crazy. She has this amazing smile that just lights up the screen. Just as powerful is that little sad face she makes…yeah you know what I’m talking about. It seriously makes you want to jump in the screen and kick the shit out of whoever is making her make the. More then just looks, she’s multitalented. She’s the executive producer on her show, the Ghost Whisperer…not that I watch that either. This girl is fine as hell but is so innocent looking you almost feel bad for having dirty thoughts about her…almost.


Girl of the Day – Eva Longoria

I think it’s a fair bet that Tony Parker has as much game on the court as he does off of it. He’d have to, to have landed the very beautiful and sexy Eva. She’s got one of the cutest pouty faces I’ve ever seen. Aside from rocking one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, she sounds sexy as hell when she yells in Spanish. I wouldn’t be counting on her cooking you rice and beans though. She seems like the kinda gal that expects something French for dinner…and you had actually better get it from France.