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Music Video How I Would Do It, NEYO Closer

I’ve been studying up on film for a few years now. I’ve had some great instructors and I’m really looking forward to brining some of my IPs to the big screen. One of the things I’ve wanted to do for a long time, to build credibility in that industry, is to direct music videos. Much smaller budgets, quick turnaround, and a very exciting subject matter makes me want to do this even more. Though I know each video has to have its own voice, I can pretty much sense an overall video style I’ve fallen in love with in my head. Though this video by NeYo isn’t exactly it, It’s very close. I love this song and this video. It’s been out for a few months but it still inspires me to branch into film.


Wii Want to Play (Hardware)

So, I think I may have to break down and buy a Nintendo Wii this upcoming week. I’ve been holding off on it forever, but I think it just time to get it done. I didn’t like the system when if first came out and all the different controllers seemed like gimmicks to sell more shit. I’m not a full convert yet, but I’m definitely starting to become a believer.

Aside from being a great value, the system really is a fantastic piece of hardware. It looks great in a bachelor pad’s living room, or any room at that. It has very smooth, Apple styling which almost makes it part of the décor of your place. The games available on the platform are geared more towards the causal gamer so anyone of any age can pick it up and start playing.

This will be the only system I will actually suggest that you play when a girl is around. It may sound uncool, but playing a few rounds of wii sports with a cute gal after a date is a great way to put her at ease, dispel any awkwardness regarding the question of “what happens nex”, and gives both of you a chance to talk and laugh without making you look like a dork. It shows that your up with technology, that you have great design taste, that you can have fun and be confident in who you are, and that you’re not just about sleeping with her. Believe it or not, this can go a long way in making her associate you with fun and good times.


What Women Want (Video 3)

In the last installment of the What Women Want videos, the interviewer asks women what turns them on and what turns them off. If anything, some of these gals really demonstrate that women can be just as shallow as us guys. Btw, is it just me is the girl in the kitchen with the really heavy accent just crazy cute or what?


It’s Not You, It’s Me

Women hate that phrase. To most of them it’s the guy’s get out of jail free card for ending or preventing a relationship without a solid explanation. The slightest mention of the phrase is enough to send women into furious a rage. Then the questions come: Am I not pretty enough, was it something I did, is it my family, is it my friends? They can’t grasp that maybe there is nothing wrong with them at all, the guy simply can’t make the commitment to her like she would like him to. Even worse is the fact that sometimes she just isn’t what he wants or needs, but there is in fact nothing wrong with her. It’s not her, it’s him.

So what do you do when this is the only truth you know, or the only truth you want to give for the sake of her feelings? I mean let’s be honest, the wrong words can crush a woman and damage her beyond belief. Why would any guy want the responsibility of pointing out exactly what it is about her that makes her not right for him? It’s not as if she could just change it, and if she did she wouldn’t be true to herself. You got to love people as they are or not at all, at least in the romantic sense. But a woman that doesn’t exactly match what you’re looking for can still be loved by you, just not in a relationship setting. It seem to make more sense to give her the honest but less hurtful answer of it’s not you it’s me, then to point out the things about her you don’t like. They are not flaws on her part, just personal preferences on his.

Now most women will immediately jump to the assertion that this is all about looks. We’ll why lie, a good portion of it is. How can you have a true, lasting relationship with someone you don’t have passion and desire for? That’s only part of it though. Everyone has specific needs in their lives that they need to have met in order to be happy. What good does it do to lie to yourself about these needs?

It’s about being honest with yourself and her. If you want a glamorous girl on your arm, and you can never seem to get your girl to get dressed up the way you’d like, that’s a fair reason to end it. And the statement would be true, honest, and respectful. It’s not that there is something wrong with her; it’s that you want something that she’s no providing. A woman can call this shallow but they do this to us all the time. Not that they can really be blamed for it. What’s the point of being in a real adult relationship with someone that you don’t think is perfect for you?

This is even harder when you actually do care about the woman deeply but can’t be with her because she’s just not right for you. She’s going to continue to try to break out of that friendship zone which causes tension. She can’t be that total confidant because once you start talking about going out with other people or anything similar the claws come out. This tension remains and grows. The more you care about the girl the harder it gets. Much of that tension could be elevated if a woman would just take the truth “it’s not you, it’s me” at its real value and not dismiss it as an excuse. We don’t need excuses. If we don’t want to be with a woman and we want to be a dick about it we can just cut her out of our lives completely. It’s because we care that we say these things.

So if you’re going to use “it’s not you, it’s me” to try to get a woman to understand, be warned. Even though it’s probably the truest thing you can say to her, she’s not going to accept at face value And if she really insists on knowing why she’s not what you need…maybe you have to let her take her heart into her own hands and pull the trigger. Even then she won’t understand that it’s not that there is something wrong with her, Its just a desire for something she’s not providing.


She’s Trouble

So I’m just going to jump right in. What do you do when you have an incredibly beautiful woman who you want to have in your life but is simply a walking calamity as far as the damage she does to your life. Now I know most people will pipe in with the automatic “you just have to get rid of her”, but lets be honest, how easy is that. I’m not just talking about a cute gal you like to hang out with; I’m talking about a woman you’ve genuinely fallen in love for.

I guess some background is in order. I met this beautiful woman as I was walking outside my lawyer’s building. She was with two of her friends, also breathtakingly beautiful. Feeling confident and being in a good mood, I complimented her on her beauty as I passed her. She stopped and we talked for a min. That was that. We exchanged numbers and my phone bill exploded that next month. With the amount of time we talked, upping my service plan was a necessity not an option.

This girl was bad! She was sexy as hell, she ran her own modeling agency, and had this sweetness about her that just made you want to throw your arms around her. As we talked though, the other side of the coin became visible. I found out that she had a serious eating disorder that had become life threatening; alcoholic doesn’t even being to explain the depth of her addiction, she had begun experimenting with drugs, she was getting into legal trouble with DUI after DUI, and she was basically driving her company into the ground by making one bad decision after another.

Clearly this was my cue to back off, but she told me that she wanted to change…and that she need me to help her do it. Despite all of the crazy shit she was doing, I really could see this amazing woman inside of her that could come out if she could overcome her demons. So I stayed, and offered her the help that she desired. I honest to god went above and beyond the call of duty of which any man should ever be asked to sacrifice.

Long story short, she found every way possible to hurt me. Even so, I stayed the course and did everything in my power to try and save her. So much so that in the end, I’m the one that almost required saving. I gave her ever chance to keep me in her life and to take her life back from the darkness. Instead she chose a life of an out of control rich girl.

So I made my peace with that and tried to move on as best I could. Clearly it wasn’t easy but I was doing my damn thing. Months go by with no word from her. Then suddenly she starts calling me again, telling me that she needs me in her life. The worst part about it is that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. I know I can’t trust her, but I also can’t stop loving her. I know there is a point where you have to draw the line and put an end to it all, but where? Even though I won’t allow her back into my life, I can’t shake the memories or my love for her.

It’s crazy how much damage a woman can do once you let her in past your armor. It’s a distraction and keeps me from being absolutely focused like I’d like to be. I’m just not sure what the best course of action is. It’s hard because I know I truly loved her…there is no other way that I could have put up with all of her faults. Even so, at what point is the juice no longer worth the squeeze?


What Women Want (video 1)

Ok, so we’re starting a new series here on Contemporary Man. I happened to be browsing the net the other day and came across a series of videos in which this guy goes around interviewing women about what they want in a man. We’ll be posting those videos on here for your viewing pleasure.

On a personal note I’ve come to the conclusion that women have no idea what the hell they want. They’ll claim they do and will jump at the first opportunity to tell you if you ask them, though 9 times out of 10 it’s some rehashed bullshit fairytale list. “um, well, lets see…I want a guy that can walk on water, make me cum just with his smile, provide me with 10 closets so that I can store a lifetime of clothes that no longer fit, doesn’t mind turning off the TV two minuets before the end of the game just listen to me go on and on about why my drunk, snobby friends hate each other, is ok with letting Mr. Fuffels (a fat disgusting cat that farts all night) sleep with us, and is confident enough to not get jealous when my best guy friends slap me on the ass and call me babe. Ok, yeah it’s a bit much but some gals are like that. So anyway here is the first video on what women want in a man. Enjoy.


I just want a burger…ass clown!

Bitch session time!!! If you’re going to call yourself Burger King…indeed suggesting that you are in fact the King of Burgers, why the fuck are you not going to sell me a hamburger in the morning if that’s what I want? I don’t want your gross ass egg muffin shits. I want a hamburger…from the burger king. If you can afford to have your silly ass mascot making commercials where he’s tackling football players or scaring the piss out of innocent folks on a stroll, you can sure as hell afford to have a hot tasty hamburger waiting for me when I go to the burger king…to buy a burger.

After a long night of clubbing and partying I just want to be able to go to a place and order something that their sign suggests they probably sell. In Burger King’s case…that would be hamburgers! When I get a craving in the middle of the night for a taco (not the pink kind) and I go to Del Taco, guess what I get….that’s right, tacos!!! It would be a bit strange for me to order tacos from them only to be told “I’m sorry sir, we’re only serving pancakes right now.” What the fuck am I going to do with a pancake!? If anything you’re lucky if I don’t fucking slap you with it.

All I’m saying is, how hard is it to put a burger together in the morning? It’s not as if the hamburger God, suddenly gives your employees the cognitive genius to all of a sudden remember how to make a fucking burger after 9 am. Make burgers available in the morning or I’m taking my business to a place that sells food that actually makes sense.


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