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I just want a burger…ass clown!

Bitch session time!!! If you’re going to call yourself Burger King…indeed suggesting that you are in fact the King of Burgers, why the fuck are you not going to sell me a hamburger in the morning if that’s what I want? I don’t want your gross ass egg muffin shits. I want a hamburger…from the burger king. If you can afford to have your silly ass mascot making commercials where he’s tackling football players or scaring the piss out of innocent folks on a stroll, you can sure as hell afford to have a hot tasty hamburger waiting for me when I go to the burger king…to buy a burger.

After a long night of clubbing and partying I just want to be able to go to a place and order something that their sign suggests they probably sell. In Burger King’s case…that would be hamburgers! When I get a craving in the middle of the night for a taco (not the pink kind) and I go to Del Taco, guess what I get….that’s right, tacos!!! It would be a bit strange for me to order tacos from them only to be told “I’m sorry sir, we’re only serving pancakes right now.” What the fuck am I going to do with a pancake!? If anything you’re lucky if I don’t fucking slap you with it.

All I’m saying is, how hard is it to put a burger together in the morning? It’s not as if the hamburger God, suddenly gives your employees the cognitive genius to all of a sudden remember how to make a fucking burger after 9 am. Make burgers available in the morning or I’m taking my business to a place that sells food that actually makes sense.