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Wii Want to Play (Hardware)

So, I think I may have to break down and buy a Nintendo Wii this upcoming week. I’ve been holding off on it forever, but I think it just time to get it done. I didn’t like the system when if first came out and all the different controllers seemed like gimmicks to sell more shit. I’m not a full convert yet, but I’m definitely starting to become a believer.

Aside from being a great value, the system really is a fantastic piece of hardware. It looks great in a bachelor pad’s living room, or any room at that. It has very smooth, Apple styling which almost makes it part of the décor of your place. The games available on the platform are geared more towards the causal gamer so anyone of any age can pick it up and start playing.

This will be the only system I will actually suggest that you play when a girl is around. It may sound uncool, but playing a few rounds of wii sports with a cute gal after a date is a great way to put her at ease, dispel any awkwardness regarding the question of “what happens nex”, and gives both of you a chance to talk and laugh without making you look like a dork. It shows that your up with technology, that you have great design taste, that you can have fun and be confident in who you are, and that you’re not just about sleeping with her. Believe it or not, this can go a long way in making her associate you with fun and good times.


Samsung i8510 Innov8

Projected to be released in Mid 2009. This phone is a must have if you did not go for the 3G Iphone hype. This baby is capable of Video recording, 8 megapixel camera, and 16 gigs of memory included for that cutie at the bar you met and GPS to find her house after she gives you her address for a late night nightcap.


Incase Slingpack

You may need a stylish carrying option for your laptop that is an alternative to the college backpack – this may be worth looking into. This bag is capable of holding up to a 17″ laptop and several slots for magazines, DVDs, and moleskins. It uses a one strap across the body. Good for that internship or trendy coffee shop around the corner.

[Via: http://goincase/products/detail/nylon-sling-pack-cl55026/1



A view on macs

You know, I’ve always been a PC/Windows kinda guy. I loved being able to get into the guts of the operating system and hardware to try to figure things out. On top of that, being a gamer, PC was the only computer to have to really play the latest and greatest. The thing I might have hated the most about Mac was the damn one button mouse…I really hated that damn thing. Don’t even get me started on the hockey puck mouse either!

So I’ve never been a Mac fan. Seven and a half years of working in the game industry has only served to strengthen my loyalty to the PC and the Windows operating system. For a long time though, I’ve had people telling me about how much they love their Mac.

So a few days ago a game designer buddy of mine and I were talking about how shows like Star Trek tend to drive people’s imagination about how we pursue technologies. We got to talking about all the different technologies on the show and their real world equivalents being developed today. I was surprised when he mentioned Macs and how closely they resemble the functionality of the computers on the show.

This got me thinking, and now I have to agree. The thing that made the computers on the show seem so amazing and futuristic wasn’t their complexity, it was the simplicity with which they could be used. You never saw Worf or Spock installing drivers, dealing with a blue screen of death, or have the computer tell them that it couldn’t raise shields cause it needs to install a critical update.

Their computers were stable, always ready to use, and demonstrated the same user friendliness that Macs do today. So while I can’t say I’m a convert, I can say that I got a new found respect for what Mac is doing. Besides, all prejudices aside, Apple is one hell of a technology development company. The iPhone, itunes, iPod, and various computer platforms suggests Steve Jobs has an idea of what he’s doing. Who knows, maybe that new tablet from Mac will be the first one for me.


Mac tablet?

The picture is just a mock-up of the rumor that Apple will be releasing a Macbook tablet. I don’t believe that it is
much of a stretch considering that the iPhone is just a mini osx. To transfer the technology to a tablet would be a fairly easy job. The rumors say that it should be arriving in October but that’s not Job’s style. He likes attention so I think that there will be an announcement at Macworld in January.
This would be great for artists and even muscians. Those that want a tablet now should take a look at Axiotron and their Modbook.