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Five Accessories Men Should Invest In

It’s a travesty if you don’t own these items but just as bad if you went to the bargain bin at Sears. Some items you just can’t skimp on. Always pay just a bit more because the women will notice.

1) Watch – nothing is worse than pulling out your phone to tell someone what time it is.
2) Cologne- graduate your smell from aftershaves and axe sprays. Preferably one for the night out, one for work, and one the weekend. And always spray conservatively.
3) Sunglasses- be smart, spend just a bit more for reliable, name-brand and not knock-offs.
4) Umbrella- one with a quality that will not twist in the wind and you can share with a damsel in distress.
5) Wallet or money clip- the wallet should be a high quality leather. Replace once it becomes worn. Refrain from over-filling with membership, grocery cards, and Panda Express receipts. Money clip in a higher quality metal, rubberbands are a no-no.