Welcome to the Contemporary Man, words of wisdom for the 21st century man. We are your hosts, Avante and Joseph. We want to thank you for stopping by to check us out. This site was created as a place for men who embrace the alpha male lifestyle to gather, share ideas, and gain knowledge . We intend this site to be a focal point for advice on careers, women and dating, technology, style, sports, money, travel, and everything else that matters to the 21st century Alpha Male.

What is an Alpha Male? Essentially he’s the leader of the pack, the top dog. This quote from AskMen.Com seems to sum it up perfectly:

“Standard psychological definitions fail to do justice to the alpha male. He dominates history; his brilliance and charisma lay the foundations for every city and every civilization. He is self-made, self-serving, self-glorifying, and — often — self-destructive. You’re either with him or against him, he doesn’t compromise on the issues at hand, and if you turn out to be on the opposing team, he will break you before even considering your surrender.

A short list of those traits associated with him make for a vicious, combustible brew: High intelligence, unwavering confidence, arrogance, amazing leadership capacities, a results-driven mindset, a instinct for self-promotion, extreme charisma, and above all, fearlessness in a fight. His odds, his opposition? Unimportant.”

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with all of you. We hope you’ll feel comfortable sharing with us as well. Every bit of knowledge and experience shared allows us to discover new choices to improve ourselves…to be the best, to be a Contemporary Man.


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